Musica Pro Anima

The chamber ensemble is formed by the talented Prague Symphony Orchestra members. Its primary goal is to present the best compositions of the chamber music literature from Barque to contemporary compositions to its audience.

The string quintet — two violins, viola, cello and double bass — can be easily extended by other instruments, such as flute, clarinet, oboe, French horn, piano or organ, so the ensemble can perform various chamber music compositions.

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Musica Pro Anima Members

Rita Čepurčenko – 1st violin
Matěj Vlk – 2nd violin
Jan Nykrýn – viola
Věra Anýžová – cello
Michal Novák – double bass
Liběna Séquardtová – oboe
Vlastimil Mareš – clarinet

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Rita Čepurčenko – 1st violin

Rita Čepurčenko
1st violin

Rita Čepurčenko Rita Čepurčenko – 1st violin

Music education:
Saint Petersburg State University, assistantship and postgraduate
Other engagements:
Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra
"Soloists of St.Petersburg" Chamber Ensemble
Capella Istropolitana
Talich Chamber Orchestra
Leader of the Kapralova Quartet
Concertmaster of the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK since 1995


Matěj Vlk – 2nd violin

Matěj Vlk
 2nd violin

Matěj Vlk – 2nd violin

Music education:
Music School (Prof. Hana Metelková)
Jan Neruda School of the City of Prague (secondary music education)
Prague Conservatory (Prof. František Pospíšil)
Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Education (Prof. Jiří Tomášek)
Other engagements:
Berg Chamber Orchestra
KONVERGENCE - chamber ensemble
Member of the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK since 2007
first prize in national competions of faculties of education (2004, 2005)
1st prize, prize of the absolute winner, special prize for the interpretation of the Czech composition in national competions of faculties of education (2006)


Jan Nykrýn - viola

Jan Nykrýn

Jan Nykrýn - viola

Music education:
Prague Conservatory (1989-1995)
Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Education (1995-2002) - Prof. Jaroslav Motlík
Masterclasses and study tours, for example Lawrence University, USA (1991-1992), Kató Havas, Oxford (1992), Cleveland Quartet, USA (1992), atd.
Other engagements:
1992 - the principal viola of the Fox Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra where he also appeared as a soloist
1998 - gained first prize in national competions of faculties of education in Plzeň. In years 1995-2007 - member of the Czech Nonet
Member of the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK since 2005


Věra Anýžová - cello

Věra Anýžová

Věra Anýžová - cello

Music education:
Conservatory in Ostrava
During studies, she has succesfully participated in competitions such as Beethoven's Hradec, competition of conservatoires, etc.
Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Prof. Josef Chuchro and Daniel Veis)
educational visits to France and Canada
Other engagements:
Virtuosi di Praga - principal cello and soloist
Kapralova Quartet
Member of the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK since 1997


Michal Novák - double bass

Michal Novák
double bass

Michal Novák - double bass

Music education:
LŠU (music school for children) – Prof. Marie Míčková (violin)
Conservatory preparation – Prof. Květoslav Borovička (double bass)
Conservatory in Prague - Prof. Jiří Valenta
Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – Prof. Jiří Hudec
Other engagements:
Co-principal, double bass section of the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK since 2004
Ensemble Hipocondria (founding member, 2000)
Vivaldi Prague Orchestra (since 1999)
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra - intern
Antiquarius consortium (guest artist)
Barocco sempre Giovanni (guest artist)
Talich Chamber Orchestra
Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Other guest appearences with: Collegium 1704, Collegium Marianum, Musica Florea, Ensemble Inégal


Liběna Séquardtová - oboe

Liběna Séquardtová

Liběna Séquardtová - oboe

Music education:
Elementary oboe studies - Prof. Voráčová in Pardubice
Prague Conservatory - Prof. F. X. Thuri
Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - Prof. Jiří Mihule.
Laureate of many competitions: Mozart Competition at Bertramka (1st prize), Markneukirchner, interpretation competition in Chomutov (1978-1986), Prague Spring International Competition 1986 (1st prize and "Laureate" award). For performing of oboe concerto by B. Martinů, she gained award by the Czech Music Fund.
Other engagements:
Member of the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK as a principal oboe and principal of the wind section since 1985.
Since 1987, she has performed with Ars Instrumentalis Pragensis. With the group, she won first prize at the international chamber music competition in 1996 in Osaka (Japan). Many recordings with the group.
She has become a member of the Czech Wind Harmony since 1997.
She has been teaching at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and at the Conservatory in Plzeň since 2000. She is a regular member of juries at various national and international music competitions.
Liběna Séquardtová is the top-level representative of her discipline, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. As a soloist, she has performed with all significant Czech orchestras, as well as with many foreign orchestras (Liverpool, Salzburg, Luxembourg, etc.).


Vlastimil Mareš - clarinet

Vlastimil Mareš

Vlastimil Mareš - clarinet

Music education:
Conservatory in Plzeň
Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
1979 - 1st prize in International competition of K. Kurpinsky - Poland
1979 - 1st prize in national competition ČHF
1980 - 1st prize in international competition in Markneurkierchen - Germany
1981 - 1st prize in competition of the Department of Culture of the Czech Republic in Chomutov
1981 - 1st prize in Prague Spring International Competition
FInalist of the international competitions in Paris (1984) and ROme (1985)
Other engagements:
FISYO Praha (since 1980)
Member of the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK since 1985
Prague Wind Quintet
Czech Wind Trio




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Michal Novák
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